Cocoa UTZ certified

Organic & green cocoa  and sustainable development

Cocoa UTZ certified Project in the provinces of Tien Giang and Ben Tre supported by Helvetas Vietnam has been  implemented in the period of 2010-2014. Helvetas Vietnam will contribute a non-refundable aid worth $ 457,950 (equivalent to approximately 9 billion Vietnam dong ), accounting for approximately 90% of the total investment of the project , the rest 10 % will be provided by the People’s Committees provincial counterpart contribution for the other activities of the project .

What is UTZ?

chung-nhan-utzCertification that is good quality inside of agricultural products, today UTZ certified only coffee , cocoa , tea and palm oil on a global scale .

UTZ vs.VIETGAP certification?

Other than VIETGAP, UTZ CERTIFIED takes more attention to the producers of UTZ certified products including cultural, health, social factors such as education, training, healthcare, ages of children labor force, housing,clean water and the naturally sustainable agricultural environment. VIETGAP also especially emphasizes on farming techniques towards more green

About UTZ Certified

UTZ Certification is a set of criteria certification for 4 products of coffee, cocoa, tea and palm oil in the global clean and green almost like VietGAP certification. UTZ CERTIFIED begin its deployment in Vietnam on coffee tree in the Central Highlands in 2002 and on cocoa tree in Ben Tre & Tien Giang since 2010.

If there is UTZ CERTIFIED, cocoa products users will know exactly which products come from and know producers is responsible for safety productions to consumers.

If there is UTZ CERTIFIED, it  is aware that the producers of this product have used agrochemical products in a reasonable manner , farmers and their families have adequate housing, given healthcare, education and training , as well as their labor rights are protected , they are well-equipped with the knowledge of cultivation of coffee, cocoa and professional marketing methods, thanks to that they can access better markets and develop better relationships with their customers , clients believe that cocoa is grown in a sustainable manner.

If there is UTZ CERTIFIED, the production organizations and families will have chances to access to international networks of cacao growers through supporting programs of buyers and non-governmental organizations, the technical support and technical guidance from agricultural experts who are trained by  UTZ CERTIFIED as well as representatives from the UTZ CERTIFIED in the countries .

If there is UTZ CERTIFIED, it will be a useful tool for companies to demonstrate to consumers that their cocoa is grown in a responsible manner, which can create trust and credibility.

If so , then the organization UTZ CERTIFIED producers will be inspected annually to ensure they are still in compliance with the requirements of the UTZ CERTIFIED and of course will be re- certified . The professional inspectors, independent of UTZ CERTIFIED conducting this assessment.

If there is UTZ CERTIFIED, will empowers negotiating prices for cocoa farmers better prices for their products.Buyers recognize this value by paying farmers, producers a premium for certified cocoa .

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