There is always an interesting story behind the formation of a brand

The story of Alluvia Chocolate contains not only our great desire to introduce to many more Vietnamese and international friends a little surprising gift – chocolate & cocoa products extremely excellent & premium quality that even sophisticated Europeans appreciate and these cocoa & chocolate come from a small Vietnam village, in Mekong delta , Cho Gao , Tien Giang .

In addition, we are so proud to share our love to farmers who are very hard-working , continuously innovative and creative during working in this land, to show our deep gratitude to those partners around always contribute with great ideas, kindly support in the process of forming Alluvia

Homeland love and special passion to chocolates are endless inspirations for us to continue to share more to you products of Chocolate & Pure Cocoa Alluvia in the near future.

Our mission is to promote our cacao and chocolate of original natural quality, unique deep passionary flavor from our region, with sustainable development & professional services.

Below is photo of Cocoa garden at Cho Gao,Tien giang


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